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Top Career Options After a Finance Degree

Top Career Options After a Finance Degree
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Finance is one of the most sought-after degrees in the market right now. Top banks are offering great money for Finance graduates as maintaining those logbooks is no joke. But with Finance being a big field, here are a few things that you can do after completing your finance degree 

Public Accounting

Accounting is a very wide field itself and usually requires people from various backgrounds. That means it also requires a number of financial services that can include comprehensive reports. 

You can cut down expenses, improve financial health or boost the revenue of a company in public accounting. One can work in-house with firms to look after their financial health. You can work your way up to EY, KPMG, PwC, and Deloitte too. 

Corporate Finance

This is the part of finance that deals with anything related to business, it is a great way of getting into the corporate side of finance. It deals with investments, capital restructuring, and fund allocation. 

You will also be saddled with maximizing stock value, improving the cash inflow, and performing tasks related to risk management itself. If you go into a firm after an MBA and a Finance Degree you will directly join a mid-level position. 

Investment Banking

One of the most lucrative finance fields out there, you will be responsible for the financial remodeling of a company. An investment banker is also responsible for introducing business practices that can help either make more money or save money by cost-cutting.

Sometimes asset management also comes under the responsibilities of an investment banker. It is a multifaceted work environment that can open doors for a very lavish life later on. 

Portfolio Management

An amalgamation of science and commerce itself, it is a multi-discipline field involving analytics, business, and mathematics. You will have to oversee a portfolio and asses the risk it is in. 

It is a very well-paying job but you might have to work “Overtime” more often than not. You can be managing portfolios of either a corporation or an individual. If crunching the numbers is something that interests you then this is the perfect job for you. 

Financial Analyst 

You will be in charge of guiding the future investments of a company, government, or individual. The financial analyst will be in charge of recommending the best course of action for the company itself.   

The person in this job profile needs to be aware of all the market trends that might change and alter the plan accordingly. This means you will be conducting thorough research more often than not. 

In the end

Finance is a field with a wide variety of job opportunities, try and find one that works for you and reap the rewards later on.